The Settlement Options You Might Consider After Being Involved In A Vehicle Crash With An Uninsured Motorist

7 July 2022
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Many drivers follow all laws, including having insurance coverage that enables them to get compensation after a collision. Unfortunately, some drivers do not do this, which puts them and other road users at risk of failing to get compensation after a crash. You might consider pursuing several options to get compensation when you're involved in a collision with a driver without insurance coverage. Therefore, you may consider contacting a lawyer who deals with car crash claims immediately after your accident to let you know the measures to take. They will share with you the following information to allow you to make informed decisions.

Underinsured or Uninsured Coverage Options

Many motorists compare insurance policies to determine the one that will provide the best security. However, some do not opt to take out under- or uninsured driver coverage. Therefore, there's a possibility that you might get involved in a collision with a motorist without this protection. However, you can seek compensation from your insurer if you have this coverage. Doing so will enable you to cover your medical expenses, the wages you will lose as you recover, and the agony caused by your injuries. You may also claim compensation under personal injury if you have opted for a separate liability policy.

When the Wrongdoer Does Not Have Insurance coverage

The law requires every driver to have insurance coverage. Therefore, you can sue the wrongdoer if they're uninsured or forgot to renew their insurance coverage. However, you must prove they can pay their premiums but have not been doing so. You should consider working with a lawyer to assist you in getting the at-fault party's financial information to enable you to prove this. They can also use the data to put a lien on the wrongdoer's assets to allow you to get your payment when they sell them.

Unfortunately, you may have fewer compensation options if you sustained severe injuries in the collision. However, you can still get compensation for all your damages by contacting your lawyer for advice. They will assess your case to enable them to determine the option that will allow you to get the highest settlement.  

Being involved in a collision with an uninsured driver does not deny you the right to get compensation for your damages. You can obtain your rightful compensation using other strategies, including those discussed above. However, to enable you to get the highest payment possible, consider working with a car accident lawyer. Click here or visit a local car accident attorney's office for more information.