Always Hire A Drug Screening Service For Your Commercial Truck Drivers

5 April 2022
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Drug testing is a necessity when you hire professional truck drivers to transport your cargo. Drug testing is performed several times over the course of an individual's employment. You may perform a drug test before hiring an employee. You might also perform the test after an accident or after the driver has been pulled over for a traffic violation.

Why Your Company Must Perform Drug Tests

There are many reasons why you will want your company to perform drug tests. For one, it is highly dangerous for a truck driver to operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If the driver is involved in an accident and it is later discovered that the company they were working for did not perform random drug tests, this could lead to the company being held responsible for the accident. Another reason to perform drug tests is that employees who are addicted to drugs are often very unreliable and absenteeism is very common. 

Types of Drug Tests

A drug testing service will test a driver's urine to make sure that it does not contain traces of alcohol. The urine test can also test for several other types of drugs. They will also test for drugs in the driver's saliva. Another common test involves a mouth swab. Consult with a drug screening service to find out which test will be the best for your business. 

Quick Screen Drug Tests

For some drug testing services, you will be able to have a quick screen performed if you are hiring an employee for the first time. Many services will allow on-site testing so that your employees do not have to travel to a separate facility to have the test performed.

Random Drug Tests

To make sure that you are in compliance, you will likely need to have random drug tests performed. Fortunately, you will be able to have the random drug testing program carried out in a manner that meets your needs.

Meeting Legal Requirements

All employees who are screened have their test results kept confidential as required by law. It's a bad idea to have your drug tests performed on your own due to the legal requirements, so it's best to contact professionals who can perform the tests for you. You will also receive the results faster than you might think.

For more information, contact a drug testing service, such as A-1 Fingerprinting and Drug Screening.