Rehabilitation Programs You Might Be Able To Use When Serving Jail Time

17 July 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you are currently serving a jail sentence and want to make the most of it, you may want to look into the rehabilitation programs offered at the jail you are staying at. Additionally, with the help of a criminal defense lawyer, you might be able to get approved for an alternative type of jail sentence, which would allow you to serve your time somewhere other than at the local jail. Here are several things to understand about these types of programs.

Jails offer programs to rehabilitate inmates

Most jails offer a variety of different programs as a way of trying to rehabilitate inmates. If inmates have opportunities to better themselves while serving sentences, it can help reduce the recidivism rate, which refers to the likelihood of an inmate returning to jail in the future for new charges. The programs offered at jails vary from jail to jail, but it is very common for jails to offer educational and spiritual programs for the inmates.

Educational programs are designed to help inmates earn their high school diplomas or GEDs, or to take college courses. There are also educational programs designed to help inmates break addictions and learn better ways of living. Spiritual programs are often available for the purpose of giving the inmates value and a higher purpose in life. These programs can also offer hope to the inmates and help them have direction in life.

Jails offer work programs for inmates

In addition to the types of programs listed, there are also work programs available for inmates who qualify. Some allow inmates the opportunity to leave the jail in a group to perform work around the area. This is often community service types of work. Other programs allow inmates to be transferred from jail to a work-release facility to live there instead. When there, you can work and live a slightly more normal life. The idea of this is to help an inmate transition from jail to real life. House arrest is another type of work-related program some inmates are eligible for. While it is harder to get approved for it, there is always a chance that you could get the court to approve it under the right circumstances.

If you would like help getting enrolled and approved for a work program or house arrest, talk to a criminal defense attorney for help. A lawyer can help you learn your rights and options and may be able to assist you in getting approved for some type of alternative type of program.