Relocating A Foreign Partner To The U.S.

17 June 2019
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There are no rules when it comes to falling in love, and it can happen when least expected. It isn't unusual for a person to meet someone while traveling to a foreign country and have a fling that turns into something serious. Often, relationships that start with foreigners while on vacation continue on over a long distance via phone calls and social media platforms. After such couples decide to get married, moving to the United States can be a long process for the foreign partner, and it might not be successful. If you have an interest in moving your foreign partner to the United States, getting help from an immigration lawyer is wise and may increase the chance of the visa application being approved.

Applying for the Right Visa Type

There are several visa types that you can choose between for your foreign partner, and it is important to choose the correct one. Neglecting to choose the right visa can lead to the application being denied and the process of your partner relocating taking a lot longer. You must keep in mind that even choosing the correct visa from the beginning will likely be a lengthy approval process, but a lawyer can possibly help speed things up. When you speak to a lawyer, he or she will listen to your story and help with choosing a visa and getting the paperwork filled out. Some of the questions on the paperwork can be challenging to complete on your own.

Proving a Real Relationship

It may seem as though proving that your relationship is genuine will be an easy task, but it can be the most complicated part of the application process. For instance, is your foreign partner substantially younger than you are? If so, it can be a red flag for the immigration authorities that will cause a delay in the application being processed. Whether or not you have been introduced to the important people in your foreign partner's life will be a big concern as well. An immigration lawyer can help you gather the most ideal evidence to prove that your relationship is genuine.

Meeting Income Requirements

It is your responsibility to financially support your foreign partner if he or she is approved for a fiance or marriage visa. A lawyer can assess your income and assets to let you know if you are qualified as a sponsor. If not, he or she will suggest other ways to meet the criteria for being a sponsor, such as finding a co-sponsor for the application.

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