5 Rights You Have When Being Charged with a Crime

9 April 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog

The police have the right to arrest you if there is a warrant out for your arrest or if they suspect you are involved in a crime. When you get arrested, you will get booked in jail and will have to go through a criminal legal process. When this happens, you should realize that you have rights. Here are some of the rights you have as a criminal defendant.

The right against unreasonable searches

One of the rights you have is the right against unreasonable searches. This right means that the police or other authorities cannot just search you, your car, or your house just because they want to. You have the right to privacy; you do not have to allow them to search you or these things. The police do have the right to search you or your car if they have reason to believe that you may be concealing something that you should not be hiding, such as drugs, a weapon, or stolen goods.

The right to speak to an attorney

You also have the right to call an attorney after you are arrested. The police cannot deny you of this right. If you want to make a call to an attorney's office, you are free to do so.

The right not to speak

Another right you have is the right not to speak. When the police arrest you, they should read you a list of your rights, and one of the rights they list is the right to not speak. If what you will say will incriminate you, you can remain silent. You do not have to explain yourself or give any details to the police when they arrest you. You also do not have to speak in court if you go through a criminal trial.

The right to have a lawyer

In addition to being able to call a lawyer, you also have the right to hire a lawyer to represent you in your criminal case. Because lawyers are expensive, the law gives you the right to free counsel if you cannot afford the costs of an attorney.

The right to a trial

Finally, you should realize that you have the right to go through a formal trial for the crime in question. You do not have to go through a trial, but you have the right to do this. If you choose not to, you will have to accept a plea agreement or plead guilty in the matter.

These are some of the top rights you have as a criminal defendant. If you currently do not have a lawyer to help you in your case, ask the court to appoint one for you or hire a criminal defense lawyer of your choice.