Benefits Of Retaining A Construction Law Attorney For Your Project

15 November 2017
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Any type of construction project will involve meeting an assortment of legal requirements. Failing to meet these requirements can result in you being responsible for the potential liabilities that could result. To this end, you may want to retain the services of a construction law attorney that is experienced with the requirements of your local jurisdiction:

Review The Local Zoning Requirements

Before undertaking any construction project, it is wise for you to consult with the local zoning requirements before the project gets started. Zoning laws can determine the way that a piece of real estate will be used and the types of upgrades that it may receive. In addition to helping you to understand the zoning laws that are applicable to your property, a construction attorney may be able to help you navigate the process of petitioning to have the zoning for the property altered. This will often involve preparing impact studies for the local community and answering any questions from the department that is responsible for zoning ordinances.

Understand The Risks Of An Oral Construction Contract

Even seemingly minor construction projects can be immensely complicated and expensive. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that may attempt to enter an oral contract with a contractor. This may seem like a simple way of reducing the paperwork needed to start a construction project. Many communities will treat oral contracts as legally binding. However, it can be difficult to prove or verify the details of these contracts, and this can lead to conflict between the client and the contractor. By making sure that you have any agreements between you and the contractor in writing, it is possible to greatly reduce the risk of complications or other disputes arising over the course of the construction project. A construction law attorney will be able to help prepare these contracts so that both parties can confidently proceed with this type of work.

Ensure You Are Compliant With Local Permit Regulations

Fulfilling your requirements for obtaining a permit can be essential for avoiding fines and other consequences. Unfortunately, the process of determining whether a permit is necessary and applying for one can be rather complicated. Mistakes during this process can result in your permit application being denied or you being award the wrong permit for the type of work you are needing to have done. A construction attorney will be able to effectively review these requirements so that you can be sure that you accurately complete the process of obtaining a permit.

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