Filing A Personal Injury Case For A Car Crash? Here's How To Support Your Lawyer's Efforts

12 August 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

Filing a personal injury case after being hurt in a car accident that wasn't your fault is an excellent way to recover compensation for the damage done to your car, as well as the pain, suffering, and loss of income you're personally experiencing. Here are a few things you can do to support your lawyer's efforts and to optimize your chance of being awarded compensation in your personal injury case:

Keep a Daily Diary

Maintaining a daily progress diary is an excellent way to support your lawyer as they represent you in your personal injury case. The diary should be used on a daily basis to document your injuries and your recovery. Use a notebook and sit down each evening to document:

  • The types and amounts of any medication you've had to take.

  • Any work and income that was missed out on.

  • Physical therapy or doctor appointments you had to attend.

  • A rundown of any physical or mental ailments that are a result of the accident and how they're progressing.

The idea is to provide daily personal insight into the outcome of your accident and all of the hardships you're facing because of it. Your lawyer can use your documentation to prove your case if it goes to court and to help determine how much compensation they should negotiate for.

Take Plenty of Photographs

Another great way to support your attorney is to take lots of photographs that can be used as visual evidence in your case. Start by going back to the scene of the accident and taking pictures of skid marks, street signs, and other landmarks that will help paint a picture of exactly where and how the accident took place. It's also a good idea to take pictures of any damage done to your vehicle that stemmed from the accident, before having anything fixed if possible. Finally, take photos of any bodily injuries you have as soon as possible after the accident, and then again once a week until your injuries heal.

Get Some Personal Insight

Getting personalized statements from friends and family, your doctors, physical therapists, and anyone else who has first-hand knowledge about injuries you received due to the accident will provide your personal injury lawyer with some personal insight they can use to build a strong case for you. Ask healthcare professionals you're working with to provide you with statements written on letterheads that describe the injuries you're being treated for and the toll they seem to have taken on your overall health.

Ask friends and family to write letters outlining the pain and suffering they've observed you going through. Also have your employer write an official letter detailing any loss of work or opportunities you've experienced since being injured in the crash. Make copies of all your letters and give one to your lawyer as well as the other party's legal representatives. Keep the originals for yourself.

These tips and tricks should help make your personal injury lawyer's job easier so they can focus on winning your case.