Were You A Passenger Injured In A Car Accident? 3 Steps You Need To Take To Protect Your Rights

28 June 2016
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If you've been injured in a car accident, and you were a passenger, you have rights that you might not be aware of. For instance, you have the right to receive medical care for the injuries you've sustained. You also have the right to seek compensation for the pain and suffering you endure, as well as for lost wages associated with your injuries. Before you lose out on your rights, here are three steps you need to take.

Seek Legal Advice

When you're the passenger in an automobile accident, you need to consult with an attorney. Depending on the state you live in, there may a time limit as to how long you have to file a claim against the responsible party. If you wait too long, you may lose your right to sue for damages.

A personal injury attorney can also help you deal with insurance companies. They don't always want to provide you with the care you're entitled to after an accident. If you're not getting anywhere dealing with the insurance company on your own, a personal injury attorney can cut through the red tape and get you the benefits you're entitled to.

Gather Documentation

After the accident, you'll need to obtain a copy of the police report. The officer investigating the accident should provide you with the report number that you'll need to use in order to request a copy of the report. The accident report will contain all the information your attorney will need to file a suit against the responsible party, including license numbers for each driver, as well as their insurance information. The report will also contain information about the vehicles that were involved and a description of the accident itself.

Take Pictures

You're going to need your own evidence and documentation of the accident, as well as the injuries you've sustained. Take as many pictures as you can. Those pictures will help provide the evidence your attorney will need when filing a suit for you. If you can, take pictures of the accident scene, including the vehicles and the surrounding roads. You should also take pictures of your injuries. Pictures of your injuries will allow your attorney to see the condition you were in immediately following the accident. You should take additional pictures of your injuries as you heal.

If you were a passenger in a car accident, you need to protect your rights. Use the information here to ensure that you receive the care and compensation you're entitled to. If you have further questions or concerns, be sure to speak to legal professionals like Whiting, Hagg, Hagg, Dorsey & Hagg.