The Vulgar Joke At Work And How It Pertains To Sexual Harassment

14 August 2015
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There are certain types of people that enjoy the vulgar jokes about sex and sexual anatomy. While it is okay to amuse oneself and others with such jokes, it is not okay to share these kinds of jokes at work. Even if the sexual nature of the joke is incredibly mild by today's standards, it can still offend and insult one or more co-workers. If you have been on the receiving end of these unwanted and/or unwarranted jokes, you can sue for sexual harassment. 

Donald Trump, Female Targets and Sexual Harassment

In light of the recent comments made by Donald Trump regarding a female anchorwoman and her menstrual cycle, it goes without saying that women are most often the targets of sexual comments and vulgar jokes. Once men discover that they have offended female co-workers, they try to backpedal or deny what is said, making the work environment a very uncomfortable place. If you are party to a dirty joke or are forced to listen to vulgar comments at work frequently, and it makes you uncomfortable or you feel like you are working in a hostile environment, the law says that is sexual harassment and you do not have to take it.

Men Can Be Targets Too

For clarification, men are not excluded from sexual harrassment. Women bosses, supervisors and co-workers can be just as aggressive and hostile with their sexual comments and dirty jokes, and you do not have to take that either. Regardless of your sexual identity, gender identity and/or sexual preferences, you have the right to work in a place free of vulgarity, sexual advances, sexual innuendos and feelings of hostility or control.

Taking Your Case to a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you think you have reasonable cause to sue your employer, supervisor, boss or co-worker for sexual harassment, be sure you have done everything possible to resolve the issue at work first. This includes filing complaints with your immediate supervisor, your supervisor's supervisor, and so on up the command chain. When none of these supervisors have responded to your complaints or resolved the issue regarding your work environment, then you can take copies of all of the filed complaints to a sexual harassment lawyer like Davis George Mook. Your lawyer may ask for the documentation of what was said, including the comments or vulgar jokes verbatim, who said it and exactly when it was said to you, with dates and times if possible.