Pursuing A Lawsuit Against The Automotive Industry: What Happens When Your Airbag Causes Injuries

23 February 2015
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Airbags that do not deploy or do not deploy in time to prevent serious injuries are bad enough, but what happens when the speed of airbag deployment actually causes some of your injuries? It is an awful thing to consider, but it does happen. Whatever type of airbag injury you suffer, an auto accident attorney from a firm like George T. Bochanis Law Offices can help.

Suing the Automotive Company That Made Your Car

Suing major corporations like a car manufacturer is a daunting task. However, given the extent of your injuries which you can prove were caused by a faulty airbag, your attorney will be able to argue a good case. Just the idea of a public law suit often causes major corporations to settle out of court because they do not want the bad publicity. You may encounter the opposite as well—an auto corporation that sends a team of lawyers into the court room to prove that their airbag installation in your vehicle had nothing to do with your injuries. Your attorney remains objective while you are allowed to be as emotional as you need to be.

Suing the Airbag Manufacturer

Your auto accident attorney may decide to take a different course of action. Sometimes you can get better results in your kind of case if you sue the airbag manufacturer directly. In extreme situations, your lawyer may even advise you to sue both the car manufacturer and the airbag manufacturer. Your injuries, though, would have to be debilitating enough that you would not be able to appear in court without help before a lawyer would go after both companies for you.

Preparing for the Case

Make sure that immediately after your accident you take lots of pictures of the airbags, deployed or not. Also take pictures of injuries you incurred when your head hit the airbag or the steering column, if the bag did not deploy. Other injuries you may have will be on your arms, chest and abdomen. See a doctor too, because you will need his medical report and professional opinion regarding your injuries to present as evidence in the lawsuit. Your lawyer will take the pictures and the medical report to put together his or her case against whomever you choose to sue.

When You Need Additional Medical Care

Should your injuries require additional medical care in the weeks to come, notify your lawyer. He or she will need the documentation of your ongoing medical treatments as they relate to your airbag injuries, including any physical therapy or spinal manipulation. Your lawyer can add the cost of these extra treatments and medical care to the settlement amount you seek from either the automotive company or the airbag manufacturer.