Personal Injury Fees You May Not Know About When Launching Your Case

11 February 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

When handling a personal injury case, you are likely to know about the lawyer fees, documentation charges and other common expenses. However, there are other lesser-known fees such as:

Court Reporter

You need a court reporter not only during trial testimony, but also during deposition (a formal process of finding out more about the case). The reporter's job is to transcribe what is happening so that records can be kept for future reference. Court reporters base their charges on the number of hours they work.

Expert Witnesses

Many personal injury cases require the testimony of expert witnesses. These are the people who use their professional knowledge and experience to expound on the issues (usually technical) surrounding the case. Examples of expert witnesses include medical doctors, engineers, chemists, and other professionals. These people usually charge by the hour too, so the longer they help with your case, the more you expect to part with.


Some types of depositions are best captured on camera and on paper, rather than paper alone. Video records are capable of capturing emotions and facial expressions that are difficult to put down on paper. If your lawyer thinks that this is the case with your deposition, then he or she is likely to employ videographers to take the records. This is likely to be the situation if your case involves a potentially huge settlement.

Travel Expenses

If your case involves out-of-town traveling, then you may be sure that your lawyer will charge you for the same—for example, if the lawyer must travel to another city to take the deposition of a witness who is not able to travel. Obviously, this cost depends on the distance and frequency the lawyer has to travel.


Some cases require exhibits so that the parties involved in the lawsuit can better understand exactly what happened when you were injured. For example, a computer simulation may be used to show why a motorist's speed caused a more severe injury than what would have happened if he or she were driving at a slightly slower speed. This is also another expense you must keep in mind.

These fees aren't universal; depending on the nature of your case, you may not have to pay for some of them. Generally, the more challenging your case is, the more likely it is to attract more expenses. The good news is that your lawyer will not incur high expenses without consulting you first. If you're looking for a personal injury attorney for your case, visit Barton Smith & Barton LLP.