How Consulting With A Divorce Lawyer Can Actually Save You Money

16 January 2015
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It's easy for persons going through a divorce to assume that they can or should handle their separation on their own in order to save money. This can be especially tempting to do if a couple is going through an amicable separation and feels they can work together on the details of their divorce. However, investing in a good divorce lawyer can actually save you money over time. Consider the following reasons why you should always consult with such a professional during a separation.

1. You may overlook many details of your financial arrangements

As an example of what you might overlook, suppose one parent will carry medical insurance for the children. Who will pay for their medical costs that are not covered by that insurance, such as prescription drugs they might need or costs due to a broken bone from falling at the playground? Couples may also overlook such costs as a child's college tuition or whether they should split the equity that's been earned in a home.

Without such details worked out, one parent may find that the other is unwilling to shoulder part of this burden and the couple may need to head to court to fight over the bills and finances. A divorce attorney however will understand all the details that should be worked out in such arrangements and will ensure they are all covered during the divorce.

2. Your situation may change in the future

Addressing your current situation may work out for a your divorce, but what if things change? For instance, a husband may say that he will pay his wife spousal support for a certain time, but what if he loses his job in that time? What if she gets remarried or has a boyfriend move in with her?

A divorce attorney will be familiar with how circumstances might change between a couple and can ensure these details are addressed. He or she can also ensure that your agreement is not ambiguous and worded in such a way that one spouse might fight the other at a future date.

3. Support laws don't always work as you assume

Never agree to pay a spouse a certain amount of support simply because you assume that's how much you'll need to pay anyway; laws change constantly when it comes to support. You may not be obligated to pay as much support as you assume. Consulting with a divorce attorney like Andrew H. P. Norton can ensure your financial rights are protected according to how those laws might apply to you.