When Does Telemarketing Become Harassment?

29 September 2022
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If you've been the victim of telemarketers, you may wonder if there will ever be an end to the disruptive and annoying phone calls. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted to protect consumers from telemarketing abuse, and it includes a do-not-call registry that offers some relief. However, even if you're on the registry, you may still receive calls from telemarketers. If they harass you, you might even have a harassment case. Read More 

Three Benefits Of Hiring An IRS Tax Attorney

1 September 2022
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Almost everyone understands that a country is run using the remitted taxes. Thus, everyone working under the government, owning a company, or running a small business is mandated to pay their income taxes without failure. However, it is sometimes difficult to adhere to tax regulations. For instance, if your company is facing bankruptcy or financial problems, you may end up dealing with tax issues with the IRS. It may cause a lot of pressure and anxiety, and no matter how strong-willed you are in dealing with the situation, you may struggle to resolve these tax issues on your own. Read More 

3 Ways A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Minimize Your Suffering If You Have A Burn Injury Claim

3 August 2022
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Burns are serious injuries that can disfigure victims' bodies and leave them with permanent, physical, and emotional scars. They can be caused by car crashes, defective products, chemicals, fires, or electrical accidents. If someone else's fault caused your burns, you can file a lawsuit against them to get compensated. Personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling such cases and can get the maximum award for your injury. Here are three ways they'll minimize your suffering. Read More 

The Settlement Options You Might Consider After Being Involved In A Vehicle Crash With An Uninsured Motorist

7 July 2022
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Many drivers follow all laws, including having insurance coverage that enables them to get compensation after a collision. Unfortunately, some drivers do not do this, which puts them and other road users at risk of failing to get compensation after a crash. You might consider pursuing several options to get compensation when you're involved in a collision with a driver without insurance coverage. Therefore, you may consider contacting a lawyer who deals with car crash claims immediately after your accident to let you know the measures to take. Read More 

Important Reasons To Retain An Attorney Who Practices Hospitality Law

9 June 2022
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When you own or manage a busy chain of restaurants or hotels, you may be expected to abide by a host of federal and state laws. You may be unsure of what those laws are, however. You also may not have time to research them on your own. Instead, you may find it best to hire a lawyer to represent you and your business. You can benefit from putting an attorney who practices hospitality law on retainer. Read More